Security screws fall into two categories, tamper-resistant and tamperproof, the difference being down to design and the availability of security bits for installation and removal.

C.J.D. Mayers & Co Ltd, as the parent company of recognises that within both tradesmen and home owners there is a need to protect property and goods from antisocial activities, both opportunistic and determined. Because of this, sealants-consumables are investing in an extensive range of security screws rather than just the vandal resistant variants. Click on the product types below right for more details.

security chartPin Hex2 hole snake eyesentinel security screws

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This is a list of typical usages:

Automotive Airbags
Digital Light Projectors (LCD/DLP)
Computer & Office Equipment
Schools & Hospitals

Highway Signs & Service Areas
Doors & Windows
Amusement Parks & Equipment
Public Use Facilities Electronics

Public Transport
Remote Facilities & Operations
Resorts & Hotels
Public Washrooms

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