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A selection of the following items are available in Metric, UNF, UNC,BA, BSFand Whitworth thread forms


Full Nuts Grade 8
Thin Lock Nuts Grade 8
Nylon Insert Nuts Grade 8
Full Nuts Grade 10
Nylon Insert Nuts Grade 10
Fine Pitch Full Nuts Grade 8
Fine Pitch Nylon Insert Nuts Grade 10
All Metal Self Locking Nuts
Wing Nuts
Dome Nuts
Serrated Flange Nuts
Slotted Castle Nut

Hexagon HT

Head Bolts
Head Setscrews
Head Bolts FIne Pitch
Head Setscrews Fine Pitch 8.8
Head Bolts Grade 10.9
Head Setscrews Grade 10.9

Rivet Bushes

Self Clinching Studs


Workshop Assortments

Weld Studs

Cotter Pins

Spring Tension Pins

H&G Dowels


cup Sq. Hex (coach bolts)

Roofing Bolts & Nuts

Macine Screws - Zinc Plated

Slotted Countersunk
Slotted Panhead
Slotted Cheeese
Head Pozi Countersunk
Pozi Pan Head


Countersunk Machine Screws
Raised Csk Machine Screws


Form A Flat
Form B Flat
Form C Flat
Table 3 Light Pattern Flat
Table 3 Heavy Pattern Flat
Table 4 Light Pattern Flat
Table 4 Heavy Pattern Flat
Table 5 Flat
Table 6 Flat
Mudguard Repair washers
Shakeproof (int or ext teeth)
Spring Washers
(flat square or heavy)
Copper Sealing Washers
Red Fibre Washers
Nylon Flat Washers