Multi Purpose Woodscrews

Although sometimes referred to as chipboard screws these single threaded hardened screws are much more than that. Ideal for decking, with a sharp point for easier starting ... they can cope with hardwood, softwood, MDF and even thin sheet metal.
Available in a zinc and yellow finish and in sizes from 3mm x 12mm - 6mmx 150mm.

Self Tapping

Pan Pan-Zinc
Pozi Cask-Zinc
Flange Head
(also black from stock)
Pozi Raised Csk

Pozi Flange-Zinc
Pozi Flange-Black

Twinthread Woodscrews

Pozi Countersunk Zinc
Pozi Round Head Zinc

Brass Woodscrews

Slotted Countersunk
Slotted Round Head

Self Drilling

No pre drilling required,will screw into a variety of steel thickness' up to 10mm. Available in Hex HD or Countersunk Winged for timber to metal.


Hex Head-Zinc

Black Japanned Woodscrews

Slotted Round Head